martedì 30 dicembre 2008

Celebrate the New Year the Italian Way

We know that food is an integral part of any celebration in Italy. The New Year is no exception, with special feasts and dishes that have special symbolic meaning. Known as La Festa di San Silvestro, the celebration begins on December 31st as it does in most other parts of the world.

Cotechino (a type of Pork ) and lentils are the customary New Year's Day meal in Italy. The lentils symbolize wealth, and pork symbolizes richness of life for the coming year. Spumante, Prosecco, or other sparkling Italian wine is enjoyed while fireworks explode in the sky. It is not uncommon to stay up until sunrise to watch the first sunrise of the New Year. Wearing red underwear is customary and is said to bring good luck.

Firework displays are plentiful and begin a week before. the best way to watch them is from yoru window overlooking the town square. Once many Italians threw out their old possessions to show the universe that they're ready for the new things that the New Year will bring into their lives. Those old things incldued furniture and large household items as well. Luckily this tradition has almost disappeared and you don't have to be so concerned with being attacked by a flying sofa or chair if taking a walk at the stroke of midnight!

Try this fabulous Spumante in Rosa cocktail for your New Year's Eve celebration.

Spumante in Rosa

1/3 cup sweet Vermouth
1/3 cup Brandy
1 sliced, peeled kiwi
2 oranges sliced
1 lemon sliced
1 bottle rose wine
1 Bottle of Spumante wine
8 leaves fresh mint
Crushed ice

In punch bowl, place in vermouth, brandy, add in kiwi slices, orange and lemon slices. Mix well. Before serving, pour in rose and spsumante wines. Place in 1 tray of ice cubes. Serve in punch glasses with mint leaves and slices of fresh fruits in season.

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