venerdì 6 giugno 2008

Top 10 Reasons to Love Italian Cuisine

1. It’s so good, meals typically consist of several courses, because one just isn’t enough.

2. Italian cuisine makes use of the world’s most delicious cheeses.

3. Two words: The wine!

4. Everyone loves it, so it’s a no-fail way to please all your guests at your next dinner.

5. Only in Italian cuisine do vegetables taste so delicious you think the cook must be lying to you – this can’t be a healthy meal!

6. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most healthy diets in the world. Studies show Italians live longer and have lower risks of heart disease than people in most other countries.

7. The food is rich, flavorful, festive and full of tradition. Wait, that was four reasons in one!

8. The Italian cuisine focuses on using the freshest ingredients readily available – so, it’s environmentally friendly to eat Italian food, too, because you won’t be using ingredients that have been processed to death in some factory nor will you be using ingredients that have traveled halfway across the world in big, expensive, gas-guzzling machines just to make it to your dinner table.

9. Italians are the coolest people in the world, and we love to eat like them just to be like them!

10. It’s romantic – a gourmet several-course Italian meal with some delicious Italian wine and flavorful dessert, and you’ll win the heart of your lover forever!

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George Murphy ha detto...

I'm on the Mediterranean diet and I use a special olive oil imported from Italy, I can totally tell the difference between it and the stuff they sell at Whole Foods and grocery stores