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Since we’ve already learned how to make our own homemade pasta, what could be more fun than exploring some of the different foods you can make with it? We’ll begin by experimenting with the many varieties of ravioli. I think ravioli are a good place to start, because they’re pretty simple and are usually a favorite among the whole family (in other words – a kid pleaser!). To make ravioli, you will start with the pasta we discussed making here.

Once you have made your dough, roll it into two equally-sized, flat squares. Simply mark off evenly sized squares by making a mark with a knife. Place whatever filling you wish in the center of your squares and then place the other large pasta square on top. Using your fingers, press down between the ravioli squares and around the edges to seal off your ravioli. Then use a pastry wheel to cut through all of your separations. If you have one, you can also use a ravioli form to make the ravioli. Then either cook your ravioli or freeze them immediately for later use.

If you think that’s simple enough, but don’t know what to use for filling, read on! The really fun part about making your own ravioli is that you can fill them with just about anything! You can also use many different sauces, so there are limitless possibilities to the flavors you can create with ravioli.

Usually the filling is comprised of a cheese mixture, a meat mixture, or a fish mixture. Most recipes you will see will fall into one of those three categories. Spinach is also used fairly often, and you will see potatoes at times as well. Ricotta cheese mixed with mozzarella is probably the most common ravioli filling.

Red tomato sauce is used most frequently, however cream based sauces or pesto sauces may be used for certain fish mixtures. There really is no right or wrong. So many varieties exist because pasta is such a versatile food that so many other foods taste delicious with it. Try your own favorite ingredients, and experiment with different sauces, and then share your favorite results with us all!

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